Apache Error Logs

When you check the error logs, you can see many things.

Some things you can ignore:

File does not exist: home/somtin/public_html/robots.txt
File does not exist: home/somwon/public_html/favicon.ico
File does not exist: home/somwer/public_html/500.shtml

Web browsers, search engines and robots sometimes look for these files, but these files are optional and nothing bad happens when they cannot find them.

  • robots.txt is optional and is used to tell search engines and robots whether you want them to visit or not. If the file does not exist, it is the same as saying everyone is welcome.
  • favicon.ico is an optional 16 x 16 pixel icon file and if it exists, most modern web browsers will display the icon when mentioning your web page (such as in a tab or in a favorites menu).
  • 500.shtml and similar files are used for custom error messages.

Some things you can fix:

File does not exist: /home/yousir/public_html/gallery/pic.jpg

The file is either in the wrong place or needs to be republished. Be sure that all of your files and folders are uploaded inside the public_html.

(13)Permission denied: file permissions deny server access: /home/sumuser/public_html/index.html

This is the most common 403 error. We can help you fix this.

error: file is writable by others: (/home/sumwon/public_html/index.php)

This is the most common 500 error. We can help you fix this.

error: file has no execute permission: (/home/inono/public_html/cgi-bin/img2txt.cgi)

This can be fixed by adding executable permissions [755] to the file.

perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

This means there is something bad in the .htaccess file. Perhaps there is a php_flagline needs to be deleted.

Premature end of script headers: /home/gyms/public_html/cgi-bin/index.pl

Possibly this is a perl script and needs to say  #!/usr/bin/perl -w  on the first line.

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