Park Wrapper Error

When trying to add an addon domain, or parked domain, you might run across a 'Park Wrapper Error'.

Here are some common errors, and how to fix them:

Error from park wrapper: is already configured.

This means that a DNS Zone File already exists for this domain. If you have WHM, simply go to Delete a DNS Zone and remove the domain name you are trying to add. Otherwise, SignedOn can help you resolve this.

Error from park wrapper: You cannot park your main domain!

This means that you are trying to add your primary domain to your control panel. Stop trying to do that; your primary domain is already added to your control panel by default. If your primary domain is not working, it is because of a different reason.

Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs.... Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server.

This means you still need to point the domain name to the server before you can add it. If you want to bypass this error, please email to tell us about the problem.

Error from park wrapper: Unable to find out which user owns the parked domain

To solve this error message (usually received when attempting to remove a parked domain name), simply try adding the domain name to the Addon Domains section of cPanel. It will error out. After you receive the error message, go into the Parked Domains section of cPanel and remove the domain name.

Error from park wrapper: is owned by another user

This means the domain name is already setup with hosting on your server, under a different user's account. Perhaps they own the domain and you do not. Otherwise, contact SignedOn and we will look into the issue.

Error from park wrapper: Sorry, you are not allowed to add any more than (0) parked domains!

This indicates you are on a plan that only allows 1 domain name per cPanel. If you are on Hatchling plan, this is normal. If you are on a Baby or Business plan, this is incorrect and needs to be fixed by SignedOn. If you are on a Reseller, VPS, or Dedicated plan, youcontrol this feature and can easily raise the limit.

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