Web page stats outside of cPanel?

Can I make my web statistics public, or viewable by another person?

We can create a symlink for Webalizer (only Webalizer) to yourdomain.com/stats. Please submit a written request to support@signedon.com for this service.

Otherwise, web stats will not be available for the public to view. Only a person with the cPanel username and password can view the stats.

Can I use my own web statistics program?

You may download the Raw Logs and insert those into your 3rd party web stats program.

What statistics tools do you reccomend?

At SignedOn, we LOVE using Google Analytics & ClickTale.

...Need more help than this? Our engineers are on-staff & happy to help. Contact support@signedon.com & describe the issue you are having, we'll respond within the hour with simple steps to solving the issue and a quote if you'd prefer to leave it to the experts. Our website development clients recieve simple CMS's and analytics reporting: we optimize your site so you don't have to!

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